Omar’s Veterinary Equine Dental Services is a mobile service, utilising a portable crush and computed radiograph for fast diagnosis. We offer all services related to equine dental as well as:

  • Performance dentistry – balancing the mouth, bit sweats, wolf teeth extractions, nerve blocks, cap removal, fillings, molar extraction
  • Ultrasound and x-rays
  • Colt castrations
  • Scoping of airways and lungs
  • Caslicks operations
  • Vaccinations – tetanus/strangles
  • Parasite control programs – utiliting faecal egg counts and assistance in managing pasture and wormer rotation
    Worm and bot drenches
  • Freeze branding
  • X-rays of legs, joints, teeth and feet
  • Skin disease investigations, eg itchy horses, hair loss
  • Skin tumours, eg carcoids, melanomas
  • Weight losss investigations
  • Geriatric horse medicine Euthanasia

24 hour veterinary emergency services