Kohnke’s Own®, the range of products manufactured by John Kohnke Products, an Australian owned and based company, provides up-to-date supplement and horse care products, as well as a wide range of free information services to the horse industry. Over the last 30 years, Dr. John Kohnke BVSc, RDA has become the most well known Australian veterinarian as an adviser on the nutrition and practical health care of horses. He provides a nutritional consultancy service to many trainers and studs, as well as owners and riders of equestrian horses.

Kohnke’s Own Products

Cell Vital

Cell Vital Premium

Cell Grow

Cell Provide

Cell Osteo

Cell Iron

E Se Supplets

Cell E premium

Palomino Gold

Cell Salts

Muscle XL

Gastro Coat

Mag E



Does my horse need a vitamin supplement, if so, which one?

Depending on a horses diet, exercise, pasture, health and lifestyle the majority of horses could use a supplement. There is no one feed that is rich in all the nutrients a horse needs. Just like human beings there dietary requirements will vary depending on a horses age, whether they are competing or whether they are retired.

Where can I buy Kohnke’s Own Products

To view our entire range of kohnke’s own products click here. If you require a kohnke’s own product that you do not see on our site send us an email and we will get it for you.

Kohnke’s Own Product Guide

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