Guy McLean was hired by Dr Omar to work his magic on a wild stallion. In less than 2 hours, Mr McLean had the stallion trained and floated, so the dental work could begin.


Guy Mc Lean and his wife. Guy is an accomplished, self taught, thinking horseman as well as 2 time Australian Bush Poetry Champion and an Accomplished Whipcracker.

In the Crush


The now tamed stallion in the dental crush! This boy has major problems. Notice the burst abscess on the RHS? Drs going to be doing a major extraction here…

A Closer View



Tooth Extracted


After much gental pulling and tuggin, Walaah! The root of the problem. Dr has successfully removed the tooth! Yay!

Clean up


Karen Muller. Our assistant based up North. Doing a complimentary doodle clean on the stallion after the dental!!

Please DO NOT try this at home! You’ll get a boot of a life time! This is only done after dental as the horse is sedated and has no idea!

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Jack’s Extraction – Dental Case Study

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