Heritage Downs are producers of sulphate free, premium grade products that benefit the overall health & wellbeing of animals.

What type of products do heritage downs manufacture?

Heritage downs produce premium sulphate free products for horses and for humans. Products include

Sulphate free shampoo

Sulphate free conditioner

healing salve

antiseptic wound powder

bug off face and body (humans)

buggz off fly spray

greasy heal cream

coat oil (formally massage oil)

leather dressing

heritage downs intensive treatment

Why Should I Buy Heritage Downs?

If you worry about the environment or worry about using products containing harmful chemicals heritage downs products are perfect for you and your horse. All are sulphate free and are premium grade products.

Where Can I Buy Heritage Downs?

Most horse stores stock heritage downs. Oveds purchase heritage downs in bulk to be able to deliver heritage downs to our customers at a cheaper-than-retail price.

Click here to view our Heritage Downs product range.

Heritage Downs Product Guide

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