Dr Yahya Omar – Equine Dentist & Veterinarian

Dr Yahya Omar is a qualified equine vet who works primarily in the Brisbane and surrounding area in Queensland. Dr Omar spends the vast majority of his time in the expert field of dentistry on all breeds of horses, ponies and miniatures.

Dr Omar is a member of the Australian Equine Veterinary Association (AEVA) who continues to attend additional training to continually upgrade his knowledge in this area.

Omar’s Veterinary Equine Dental Services doesn’t just offer equine dental services, we also offer the full range of veterinary services you require. Dr Omar is passionate and committed to taking the veterinary profession into a new era.

The Cutting Edge in Equine Dentistry

If your horse’s previous dental care has consisted of simply floating the teeth the chances are great other problems may exist. Problems that may eventually result in tooth loss such as periodontal disease. These diseases can cause extreme discomfort and deterioration of the overall health of the horse. To identify these problems you have to perform a complete oral exam each time the horse’s teeth are worked on. Unless you look for the problems you will not find them!

Regular floating of your horse’s teeth no longer constitutes comprehensive dental care. Modern instrumentation and medications allow for treatment and preventative maintenance. It is advantageous to the overall health of the horse, as well as to the oral cavity. Preventing unnecessary tooth loss is much less expensive than the eventual cost of extraction and the maintenance of a specialized diet for a horse missing one or more cheek teeth.


o achieve optimal athletic performance you need to maintain the optimal performance of the teeth. If you would like to learn more about what you can do to advance your horse’s dental health click here to contact Dr. Yahya Omar (BVSc hons) (ONLY FOR DENTAL & VETERINARY WORK. STORE RELATED QUERIES WILL NOT DEALT WITH ON THIS NUMBER).